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Saving money is not cheap at all and must be invested to protect the value of money against inflation, but even in countries where inflation is not high, investing is one of the most important things people do with their money. This shows the importance o

What is an investment?

Investing means giving up something in the present in the hope of gaining added value in the future. Of course, the size or quality of this value is usually not exactly known. For example, we spend the cash with which we can buy consumer goods to buy shares of a company, in the hope that the value of its shares will increase and we will make a profit in the future.

Why should we invest?

Previously, if someone wanted to invest his property in such a way that its value was preserved, he either bought a property or gold and coins. But these days it is not at all economical to save money by buying gold and coins or property, because prices rise faster than income and until the money to buy a coin is collected, the value of each gram of gold and consequently the price of the coin More than before. The same goes for buying a car and property.

That is, the money with which one could buy a gold coin until yesterday, is not available now; This shows that the value of our assets is also decreasing day by day. So it may be best to look at other investment options that do not require a lot of capital. But before that we have to answer a few questions:

What is the purpose of our investment?

The goals of economic investments are not the same. It could be an employee who earns some extra salary each month, or a retired employee who has just retired and will lose value if he or she leaves the money in the bank. One may even be an employee of a large, high-income company or even a factory owner, but he or she is always worried about what would happen if his or her company or factory went bankrupt.

Some people want to invest their money where they get a monthly profit and spend it on daily expenses or renting a house. Some want to invest money for their children's future so that they can pay for their child's college or marriage years later by increasing it and making a profit.

So the first question we need to ask ourselves before we start investing is what do we want from the capital market?

How much risk can I put in my investment?

One of the most important factors that the investor should be aware of before starting the investment is the degree of risk. Some people prefer to have a certain amount of monthly profit, but they are comfortable with the principle of their capital and are sure that nothing will be deducted from it. This group probably prefers to deposit in the bank and is satisfied with the annual profit of the bank.

Others are willing to risk their money if they know that the result of this risk can be a good and acceptable profit. There is a rule in the investment world that says the higher the risk, the greater the potential return and loss.

To help you understand the financial markets based on their level of risk, read the article "Which types of mutual funds are less risky?" Read.

How Much Money Should I Invest?

Of course, it is not wise for a person to invest all his capital in a market, because the recession may go to that market and he may lose part or even all of his assets.

It is not possible to say exactly in which market the investor will invest what percentage of his capital. But it must follow the principle of eggs and basket. As long as he never puts all his eggs in one basket, because if that basket falls, all his eggs will break.

So if one thinks that the exchange rate has risen over a period of time, one thinks that the profit is in this market and converts all one's capital into currency, then the exchange rate may suddenly fall and this investor will suffer a loss.

Where should I invest?

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