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Tips for a seamless Home Loan experience

Buying a home can be exciting. It is natural to depend on a Home Loan to finance it. However, you must find the best option available for the best experience. While considering the interest rates offered, the capital required, the processing fees, and other charges, there are some more aspects to consider.

While applying, it is essential to understand all the associated aspects, including Home Loan interest, tenure, equated monthly instalment, and down payment. Additionally, plan your repayment schedule to prepare yourself financially. You can follow these tips for a seamless borrowing experience:

Check the credit score

The bank verifies and analyses your credit score to gauge your creditworthiness. You must maintain a score of 750 or higher to enjoy other benefits, such as decreased Bank Home Loan interest rates. To improve it, you must pay your Credit Card bills and other debts on time. Before applying, check it on the CRISIL or CIBIL websites to understand your status.

Save for the down payment

The range of down payment may vary depending on your bank. Usually, it falls between 2.25% and 20% of the price of the home that you are planning to purchase. While designing a monthly budget, ensure you put away the required money for your down payment so that it does not hinder your repayments and other finances.

Keep documents ready

During the Loan application process, you must submit a list of documents. Ensure you have these documents ready to speed up the application process. Ensure you have all the mandatory documents such as ID proof, address proof, bank statements, payslips, income tax returns, Form 16, etc.

Compare offers

Before selecting the ideal offer, compare it with competitor schemes. For instance, a few banks may offer lesser interest rates and higher benefits to borrowers. Compare them on several parameters, such as repayment capacity, property location, Loan-to-Value ratio, tenure, and employment status, and pick the one suiting you best.

Use a calculator

While ensuring that the requirements for the application process are ready, plan your repayment. Using an EMI calculator is considered one of the best home finance tips as it enables you to plan your budget in a data-driven manner. To arrive at the estimated monthly instalment amount, you must enter variables like the amount, tenure, and Home Loan interest.

Actively respond

If the bank contacts you regarding further requirements, ensure that you respond quickly. It can help them keep your Loan application active and proceed with the process soon.

Good financial habits

During the Home Loan verification process, banks may check your credit score. It is safe and best to maintain and continue good financial habits while your request gets processed.

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