Arch-I Modular Solutions Ltd
Arch-I Modular Solutions Ltd
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Create Additional space quickly with ARCH-I Modular Solutions

Everyone wants to live in a large house. It needs a lot of money to have a luxurious home. Day by day, several designs are introducing. Everyone loves to select a unique design that no one has seen before. With digital technology, a simple building had turned into a smart one. Several people have installed motion sensors and other technologies on their buildings. Nowadays, people consider having Environment-friendly designs in their homes. Arch-i is a licensed company that provides Modular Building Solutions Ireland at an affordable price. A smart building also helps to save energy.

Our products

o Commercial builds: We have set specific standards in designing offices. We have all kinds of Advanced Modular Structures in Ireland to make your office look amazing. Our designs are easily transportable. So, we deliver them efficiently at your doorsteps.

o Home builds: Our most home build designs include steel. It has a high resale value. We always use high-quality materials in designing modular solutions. You can get Custom Home Designs Ireland according to your requirement from us.

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Why us?

· Our designs are unique and cost-effective.

· We also give ten years warranty on our designs.

· You can get any variety of solution work for your design. We are also skilled in making wooden and tiling designs.

· If you want a modular structure in a little time, we guarantee you that we are the only one that can deliver a beautiful design structure in a short time.

· We also check our modular designs before delivering them to you.

Most design companies offer limited solutions from which you have to choose a specific design. People don't like to pick from confined ideas. We can provide you with Modern Living Rooms Ireland at a great price. We offer you a wide range of designs from which you can choose the most suitable one. You can have our modular structures for creating additional office space, educational space, or much more. Visit our website to know more.