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Freeze drying your breastmilk transforms it from frozen liquid to powder (a.k.a. Booby Food), while not having to be thawed. So, which are the great things about freeze dehydrated breastmilk? Find more information about freeze dried milk

No longer crying over spilled breastmilk.

I’d be out running errands and my hubby or mum would ‘panic thaw’ my breastmilk while watching Sage. I can’t count up the quantity of instances I’d can come home to view my breastmilk sitting down in the bottle, untouched. If they only realized the amount of days and nights it had taken to have that 6oz of liquid gold, now wasted.

Along with your freeze dried up breastmilk, you are able to use all the or little as you want. No longer weeping over poured (breasts)dairy!

Nutrients and vitamins are protected.

With freeze drying, there is not any thawing or heating of the breastmilk. It’s diverse from lack of fluids methods which use high conditions to vanish the water, ruining heat delicate nutrients like vitamins, nutrients and herbal antioxidants. Freeze-drying uses extremely very low temperature ranges and vacuum pressure systems, getting rid of dampness without diminishing nutritional worth.

Your freeze dehydrated breastmilk is rack dependable.

Freeze-drying ‘locks’ in nutrition. Ever since the moisture content is taken off, your dry powdered breastmilk doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Yes! You read that right, forget about worrying about cold or refrigerating your breastmilk any more.

Freeze drying your breastmilk could save you lots of money.

For working mamas or surrogates who may have to cruise ship in breastmilk, this may conserve lots of money in shipping and delivery fees.

It’s travel helpful.

My coronary heart smashes to the mums who’ve had to throw out their breastmilk when venturing or moving. One mama told me, she threw out 30 bags full because she was moving go across-country and had no chance of keeping it iced.

Freeze-dried up breastmilk looses about 90% of it is weight after processing. Removing the water makes it shelf-steady and simply transportable, irrespective of how far or long your journey.

Your freeze dehydrated breastmilk can last for many years.

Your freeze dehydrated breastmilk is shelf-stable, travel pleasant and nutritional thick. But, the ideal part is, your freeze dried breastmilk can last for many years.

Freeze drying includes a long history, dating back to the traditional Incas where they would freeze dry carrots high in the mountains. Modern day NASA relies on freeze dried foods for astronauts in their space objectives to keep them nurtured.

The most harmful thing to the freeze dehydrated breastmilk is air, light, dampness and extreme warmth. Booby Food bundles are created from added thicker Mylar that safeguards against these risks. For additional protection, there is a dampness absorber in each and every pouch.

As hassle-free as formula.

Formula-providing mamas have had the benefit and suppleness at their disposal for almost a hundred years and now breastmilk-serving mamas can have similar. With the freeze dried out breastmilk, you can reconstitute it within a bottle much the same way you would with formula.

Very easily transition to solid foods.

For your first 6 weeks of life, your babe’s belly has only acknowledged breastmilk (or perhaps combine with formula). Starting solids and presenting new foods can be very nerve wracking for moms and dads. Constipation, diarrhoea, skin responses, allergic reaction, sensitivities, bloating and frustration can occur a lot during this period. By adding within your Booby Food, you are giving probiotics, digestive enzymes and antioxidants to help you your babe process these new foods. The probiotics in breastmilk help lessen bloatedness, gas, looseness of the bowels and bowel irregularity. Enzymes assist to digest food and antioxidants support their immune system and fight swelling in case a effect would happen.

Give more aged babes, discreetly.

Societal pressure is one of the biggest factors why parents end breastfeeding their teenagers. Youngsters 5 and under are definitely the most at risk for malnourishment and breastmilk could well be by far the most wholesome complete food ever developed.

Your freeze dehydrated breastmilk may be included with any food or beverage, whenever or wherever you are.

Mix or sprinkle it into improve their immune system

Put additional nutrients and vitamins to help you support their growth and development

Fortify foods for choosy eaters

Compromise an annoyed tummy by providing them extra probiotics

No-food related benefits of your freeze dried out breastmilk.

Breastmilk is typically employed for babes with skin concerns like eczema, skin psoriasis and dry skin, here is some ways you can make use of it.

Add to baths

Make in a mixture for location treatments

Make into soap, cream, balm or salves

Used with clean and sterile water in order to alleviate sinus over-crowding

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