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Game guide

With ❤ from IASA Speaking Club

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Do you want to play table games with English lovers? If you do, here is a list of games to play with us 😊


Tha aim of the game is to guess all associations, which your team leader will tell you, faster than other team.

How to play

Follow the link, which will be sent by organisator, and choose team and role:

  • Operative: guess the words united by association.
  • Spymaster: unite words by association.
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Which team would you choose?

There are 25 cards with words at the game field. Spymasters can see the color of cards: blue, red, grey or black (lost the game). Spymasters and Operatives have 1 minute to make the step. Then game is passed to other team. Wins the team that opens all their cards first.

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Here you can find a lot of quizzles to study English with fun. The goal is to ansver as fast as possible to become a winner.

How to play

To join the game go to site or download the app on your smartphone in App Store or Play Market. Than enter pin from the screen and enjoy playing!

The Jackbox Party Pack

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Actually, there are 7 packs with 5 games in each (some of them are presented several times). So, Jackbox provides us with a wide choice of how to spend time together.

How to play

When the game starts, follow the link, enter pin from the screen and type your name.

There is a list of games with links to read some information about them.

1-st Pack:

2-nd Pack:

3-rd Pack:

4-th Pack:

5-th Pack:

6-th Pack:

7-th Pack:

Hope to see you on our meetings!