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Things to do in Kerala Backwaters

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Kerala, God's own country, is a true delight to witness with our eyes. One of the most beautiful gifts of nature to Kerala is the water reserves surrounded by pleasing lush green hilltops. Kerala backwaters are popular as a tourist spot because of the natural elegance that they hold. When you take a Kerala tour package, you must make sure that you include the Alleppey backwaters. Given below are some of the things that you must try in Kerala backwaters:

● Staying in the beautiful giant in the middle of a water resource overnight and every day is a wonderful experience that you must never miss. Taking a houseboat and having a wonderful leisure time with your friends and family is a wonderful thing to try here.

● When in the houseboat, you would witness the lush green surroundings that are an incredible view to the eyes. The scenic or picturesque view is something you must never miss. Also, the beautiful green slopes could act as a good backdrop for you to click some amazing pictures; some could even be as perfect as to be framed!

● Relaxing on the beaches with cool music, soothing sunsets, and calm water are other pleasant experiences you would get in Alleppey. There are other fun activities such as playing volleyball, swimming in the cool breeze water or even reading books at the shore that you can do here.

● Enjoying the sunset from the Alappuzha lighthouse in Alleppey is another wonderful thing to try in Kerala. If you love clicking pictures of nature, you will get to capture some exhilarating pictures here.

When you visit here, you must make the most of it to carry ample cherishing memories of it. Taking a Kerala backwater tour could literally add stars to your south India Tour. The true nature lovers would love the backwaters' tranquillity and the various activities it offers. So do not wait for more; fly to India, and swim into the backwaters of Kerala here!