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How to Become an Anonymous Cam Model

Not all webcam models want their viewers to see their face. Until recently, it was nearly impossible to make money as an anonymous cam model. However, with the launch of FriendsOnly, a brand new opportunity has emerged for cam girls who prefer not to show their faces.

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The Best Anonymous Cam Site

Being an anonymous cam girl has been a relatively rare phenomenon, and there hasn't been a dedicated infrastructure for it. Large camming platforms are usually focused on showcasing the model's appearance, along with their activities. However, these platforms have underestimated the potential of masked cam girls to create performances that attract hundreds and thousands of loyal viewers. The unknown aspect always piques the interest of the audience, and this works to the advantage of webcam models who prefer to remain anonymous. Recognizing this, the developers of FriendsOnly have created the best anonymous cam site, where cam models can easily make money without showing their faces.

The unique feature of this site lies in how the audience discovers content creators. The recommendation system gathers free videos and presents them in a feed on the home page, similar to TikTok. As a result, users choose their favorite cam girls based on content rather than profile photos. This enables webcam models to maintain their anonymity while gaining a large following.

What Content to Create for Anonymous Camming

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For an anonymous cam girl looking to build a loyal audience base, it's important to develop at least one memorable image that viewers will associate with. It's not necessary to shoot videos in the same style, and the model doesn't have to determine the defining characteristics of her content right away. It can be more beneficial to post different reels initially and observe how the audience reacts.

We suggest starting anonymous camming by wearing a thick mask that effectively conceals the face. A masked cam girl can create a wide range of content, from twerking to BDSM. The key condition is to focus on what the model enjoys the most. Avoid wasting time producing content in a specific style just because it seems more popular if it doesn't align with your personal preferences. Create webcam content anonymously that brings you joy for months and years to come.

Cosplay for Anonymous Camming

Creating captivating cosplay videos that don't reveal your face is an excellent way to gain popularity while remaining anonymous. This style quickly attracts a dedicated audience that eagerly anticipates new reels. Another significant advantage of this style is the prominent preview it offers.

Dancing on Webcam

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As FriendsOnly is a platform geared towards the public, dancing models have a significant advantage. It doesn't make sense to shoot explicit dances on a traditional webcam. However, on FriendsOnly, webcam models can post vertical videos featuring sensual dances.

Join FriendsOnly here as a creator.

This mesmerizing content is something people want to watch repeatedly. Models don't even need to fully undress in front of the camera to capture viewers' interest. A tasteful erotic show is the minimum requirement for filling a profile with content for promotion on the platform and for the subscription package.

Being an Anonymous Adventurous Model

Traditional webcams often limit the freedom of models, as they are confined to their rooms in front of the camera. By having a FriendsOnly account, you have the opportunity to create unique content. For instance, an anonymous cam girl can shoot daring videos in public places. Many viewers are interested in seeing someone do things that most people wouldn't dare to do.

However, it's important to note that if you plan to shoot as a masked cam girl in public places, you should choose different locations each time. Ideally, avoid returning to the same place for subsequent shoots.

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