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Comparison of OnlyFans, iFans, and FriendsOnly: Distinctions and Benefits

There are several platforms available for content monetization, and in this discussion, we will compare three of them.

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OnlyFans is the most popular uncensored monetization platform. It was launched in 2016 but gained significant popularity during the 2019 pandemic when people were seeking online alternatives to earn money. During that time, even newcomers unexpectedly started earning thousands of dollars through explicit content due to the platform's algorithms. However, the dynamics have changed since then. Currently, OnlyFans is primarily dominated by celebrities, and it is challenging for beginners to achieve similar success. One major drawback is the lack of an advertising tool within the service, which means new viewers and potential subscribers cannot easily discover content creators. The interface also poses an issue as the main page only showcases recommendations featuring celebrities like Cardi B, making it difficult for users to explore other creators without a direct invitation.


iFans serves the same purpose as OnlyFans but offers a more user-friendly interface. It is visually appealing and resembles platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Although it is easy to use, the navigation can be slightly challenging. However, unlike OnlyFans, iFans allows bloggers to communicate with each other, fostering a sense of community beyond their fans.


FriendsOnly is a platform that combines the best features and advantages of popular social media platforms. It allows 18+ content like OnlyFans and features a vertical video feed and convenient interface similar to TikTok. It offers equal opportunities to all registered creators, aiming to create a vibrant art community and support beginners. Content creators on FriendsOnly receive fair compensation for their work.


OnlyFans relies heavily on external promotion through other websites and social networks. Instagram is a popular platform for promoting OnlyFans accounts by sharing links and inviting existing fans to join the platform. However, this approach may work for popular influencers but is less effective for ordinary creators. It requires significant effort and investment in developing an Instagram following, without a guarantee that the audience will appreciate and pay for explicit OnlyFans content.

iFans faces similar promotional challenges as OnlyFans, with no built-in advertising tools. However, promoting iFans is more complex as creators need to explain what the platform is and why they are asking people to follow them there. This can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

FriendsOnly offers excellent promotional features. The platform utilizes catchy vertical videos displayed and scrolled similarly to TikTok. A smart-feed algorithm ensures quick and effective promotion, as all content from any blogger, regardless of their experience or follower count, is visible on the main page. Unique posts are recognized by the algorithm and showcased in the recommendations section. Content creators can publish both free and paid videos on a single account, with paid content being blurred until a viewer subscribes. There is no need to create additional pages or use third-party sites.

On FriendsOnly, authors can set trial periods, allowing potential fans to preview paid posts before making a payment. This feature alleviates concerns and gives viewers confidence in their purchase. Additionally, FriendsOnly provides statistical tools for creators to understand their audience's preferences. Creators can also participate in the affiliate program, where FriendsOnly partners help find subscribers. The platform also offers a motivating Referral Program, enabling authors to earn 5% from the earnings of any creators they invite, providing a sustainable passive income stream.

Moreover, FriendsOnly rewards authors for their success, offering prizes when reaching specific subscriber milestones:

  • 7,000 subscribers: iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB
  • 27,000 subscribers: Vacation in Bali
  • 247,000 subscribers: Mercedes-Benz C-class


On OnlyFans, creators earn money through subscriptions and tips from fans. However, potential viewers must make a purchase without knowing what content awaits them, which often deters new visitors, especially for beginner creators.

iFans follows a similar monetization model, but with additional possibilities. It offers a referral program where creators earn a portion of another author's earnings if they mention or tag them in their content, generating traffic to their page. This applies to both monthly subscriptions and one-time payments.

Both FriendsOnly and iFans offer the advantage of monetizing through live streams. However, OnlyFans lacks this capability. On the downside, iFans retains 50% of streaming earnings, while the other platforms have a 20% commission fee.


OnlyFans has received criticism for its inadequate support. Many users complain about the platform's lack of responsiveness, with support managers remaining silent for several days, even for urgent inquiries. Conversely, FriendsOnly provides quick and uninterrupted support. Each blogger is assigned a personal manager who is available 24/7. iFans also promises prompt support for its clients throughout the day.

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