Amirbek Abdirasulov
Amirbek Abdirasulov
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25- An Important Note

An Important Note

We've reached the end of this section.

Over the next few sections, we'll be looking at Redux and automated testing.

I recorded these sections a while ago with an earlier version of Angular for my older course "Build Enterprise Applications with Angular". But I decided to add them as a bonus to this course so you have all your Angular content in one place and don't need to jump back and forth between different courses.

Just remember, since I've recorded these videos with an earlier version of Angular, there may be a slight chance for breaking changes. So, if you get stuck, post your question on the discussion board and also help your classmates.

That aside, don't get hung up on the minor syntactical changes (if any). Focus on the core principles that you're going to learn over the next few sections. These concepts continue to be valid for the future versions of Angular.