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The best products from Aliexpress

The prices for goods in the popular Chinese online store AliExpress, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are much lower than for their Russian counterparts in the retail network. It can be used commercially and make good money on resale.

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Groups of products from AliExpress, in descending order of demand:

  1. Smartphones and Tablets . Chinese manufacturers do not overestimate the cost of phones sold. But it is also quite possible to find a high-quality model on the Chinese market. Reselling smartphones is a great business start. Because no matter what the trend is, they are always in high demand.
  2. Leather goods . The AliExpress platform is replete with all kinds of bags, wallets, wallets, belts, and gloves. A huge assortment allows you to resell a wide variety of models. But by combining choice and low price, you can get a lot of income.
  3. Brand electrical appliances . The brand is often an important and determining factor in the buyer’s choice. There are many well-known diversified companies among Chinese manufacturers, so there will be no problems with a variety of electronics. If you wish, you can find inexpensive, but high-quality products from novice manufacturers.
  4. Car Accessories . This category on AliExpress offers carbon film for car styling, wireless car radios, seat covers, polishes, brushes, scrapers, abrasive composites, and car care products. Vehicle owners are a paying public, so it is easy to make a lot of money by selling these items at prices lower than professional car dealerships but higher than Chinese stores.
  5. Kitchenware . In this case, the target audience is women. They are happy to buy all kinds of dishes and implements. For example, automatic peelers and grinders, universal graters, cutlery and heated lunchboxes, beautiful pottery and glass are very popular.
  6. Wireless headphones and accessories for them. In the Chinese market, there are both high-quality inexpensive bluetooth headphones and obvious fakes that need to be avoided. It’s also easy to find a myriad of OE cases that are as popular with buyers as the devices themselves.

Also popular products:

  1. Phone cases . Among the cases on AliExpress, the most popular cases are for the IPhone. But the range for other models is no less wide. The variety is so great that the eyes run up. Conventionally male, female, children’s, classic, pretentious, with rhinestones, leather, textile. There are enough adjectives.
  2. Gifts and products for the holiday . The number and variety of such products is enormous. Examples of goods include gadgets such as stun guns, slimes, plasticine of all kinds, portable retro game consoles, and themed lamps. A lot of different decor to decorate any celebration.
  3. Clothes . Clothing from China is in ninth place due to the fact that strong competition with domestic and European manufacturers. However, the selection and specialization of clothing on the AliExpress market is very large, so it is not difficult to find exactly what customers will like. It should be noted that quality cannot be too cheap here either.
  4. Baby Products . Toy trade is also very developed on this platform (toys from China) and children’s clothing. However, it is difficult to trade them. This is the type of goods for which you need to select the right pricing policy and advertising campaign. In any case, the choice is also huge, ranging from large items like furniture to small items.

These are the most popular product categories.

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