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5 Ways To Determine The Most Suitable Horsebox For Your Horse

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Horseboxes are vehicles with compartments that transport a horse or multiple horses from one place to another. These journeys sometimes become quite long and time-consuming; hence, the horses need to be comfortable to complete the journey healthily. Hence, it becomes essential to carefully choose a horse box with the right measurements and figures. Let us look at the five most fundamental questions you should ask to decide the best box for your horse.


There are usually three types of material for horse box construction. Steel, aluminium, and a mix of both metals are used. The strong steel variant will provide you with the best support but becomes very hard to handle. On the other hand, the aluminium option provides better rust protection. Still, it is not as sturdy as steel, and thus, in case of serious collision, the safety of the horses may be affected. However, the hybrid one with both metals is the best option because neither will the safety be compromised nor will the box suffer any corrosion.

Hitch type

Bumper pull and Gooseneck are the two very basic hitching options available. The selection will depend on the number of horses you plan to transport. If you are relocating two to three horses, you can easily choose bumper pull. However, if there are four or more than four horses, it is best to opt for Gooseneck as they offer more secure and strong protection.


Flooring is also an important aspect to consider before choosing a box. You can have two horsebox flooring options - Aluminium and Wood. Aluminium flooring is lighter but needs to be supported by cross members. Also, when these floors come in contact with urine, manure and other similar products, they can easily rot. However, the raw material used in wooden flooring is dense wood and is structured with proper gaps for uninterrupted airflow. This helps in giving the flooring more longevity than the former.


Loading and unloading are the major situations that can cause discomfort to the horses. Hence, ensuring a smooth and easy path for loading and unloading is very important. The two most common options available here are straight loading and slant loading. The latter option is mostly preferred, considering the comfort of the horses. Since horses tend to stand diagonally, slant loading is always a better option. This will also help the horses to keep up with the balance during brakes and curves.


The exterior looks of your horsebox matter; hence, it is better to make it look appealing. You can opt for aluminium sheets painted with automotive primer and polyurethane paint. Combining these two will give your horsebox a highly glossy and trendy look. Also, choose graphics that are an all-time preference so you do not feel outdated with the upcoming new trends.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing a horse box, you must know your horses’ requirements - the number of horses, their weight, height, etc. This information will aid in selecting the right box for your horse and thus ensure a safe and comfortable journey.