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Detailed Information On The Cares Route | Siguiendolasenda

The Cares route in the Picos de Europa National Park is one of the most impressive and exciting trails in all of Spain. In addition to the Ruta del Cares, in this famous national park, we can find two well-known tourist sites of great value, such as the Covadonga and Naranjo de Bulnes lakes.

The Sendero del Cares is an impressive route that will allow you to take a tour between imposing and striking peaks, embedded in a beautiful valley around the Cares River.

But also, except for the distance (24 km there and back) and somewhat rocky terrain, we can affirm that the Ruta del Cares is done with some effort since it is a route with a very low slope.

Where do the Ruta del Cares start from and where does it end?

The Ruta del Cares does not have a circular route, it has two starting points and two arrival points, depending on where you start from.

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That's right, to follow the path you can start from Poncebos, in Asturias, arriving at the town of Caín de Valdeón, in the province of León, or vice versa. Therefore, to return to the starting point you have to go back the same way you came.

Tips for the route of the Sendero del Cares

Below we offer you a series of tips so that you can face, in a more comfortable way, the route of the Ruta del Cares.

  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Equipment For The Cares Route
  • Tour In The Morning

For more information visit here: https://siguiendolasenda.es/ruta-del-cares

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