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How To Do Cathay Pacific Online Check-in?

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Doing online check-in with Cathay Pacific is a convenient way to save time at the airport. By checking in advance on the Cathay Pacific website or mobile app, you can choose your seat and receive your boarding pass before arriving at the airport. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do Cathay Pacific online check-in:

Access Cathay's online check-in via their website or mobile app. Enter your reference number and trip details when prompted. Then proceed to check-in each passenger, confirming valid passport details to issue boarding passes.

Select how you’d like passes delivered—download, email, or add to digital wallet. You may also get a check-in code to provide at airport kiosks later. Optional checked luggage can be purchased for applicable fares if desired during online check-in.

Before your trip, you can change details as needed through Cathay Pacific Manage Booking. Adjustments become limited closer to departure though. Following this abbreviated checklist will facilitate web/mobile check-in and pre-board processes with Cathay Pacific.

1. Check Eligibility for Online Check-in

Most Cathay Pacific itineraries allow online check-in starting 48 hours before your scheduled departure time. However, some types of reservations may require checking in at the airport instead, such as:

  • Flights operated by codeshare partners
  • Itineraries involving other airlines
  • Some special fare tickets

To confirm if you can use online check-in for your upcoming Cathay Pacific flight, check your reservation details or contact Cathay Pacific.

2. Find Your Booking Reference

Your booking reference or PNR (Passenger Name Record) number is required to retrieve your reservation details online. This six-character code can be found on your reservation confirmation email or printed itinerary from Cathay Pacific. If you cannot locate your PNR, contact Cathay Pacific for assistance.

3. Access the Online Check-in Website or App

Cathay Pacific offers online check-in through their website or mobile app. Go to the official cathay pacific website and click "Manage Booking" at the top of the page. This will bring you to the check-in portal.

To use the airline's mobile app, download it from your device's app store before checking in. The Cathay Pacific app allows passport scanning for a smoother experience.

4. Enter Your Details

On the check-in page, first select your departure and arrival airports and enter your booking reference. The page may also prompt you to input additional details like passenger names, flight number, or date of travel.

Once you submit your booking details, your itinerary will appear to start web or mobile check-in.

5. Check-in Online

The online check-in process prompts you to review flight details, choose seat assignments, enter passenger details, and accept baggage charges.

As you check-in each passenger, make sure you enter specifics from that traveler’s valid passport which will be used for travel. This verifies identity and allows issuing of the boarding pass.

6. Get Your Boarding Pass

Once all details are entered accurately per passenger, you can select how you want your boarding pass delivered. Options may include:

  • Download and print boarding passes at home
  • Saving digital passes to your smartphone wallet
  • Getting passes emailed for later self-print or display on mobile

You may also be given a check-in confirmation code per passenger.

Boarding passes must then be presented at airport self-service kiosks for baggage drop or at gates during boarding.

7. Add Checked Bags (Optional)

Depending on your ticket and destination, you may be allowed to reserve checked luggage during online check-in. There is typically an additional fee for checking bags.

If purchasing checked baggage, have your credit card ready. The maximum dimensions and weight per bag allowed will be listed to confirm your luggage qualifies before paying fees.

8. Change or Cancel Check-in

If you need to adjust your check-in details before the online check-in deadline (typically 60 minutes before departure), you can cancel and restart check-in through the website or app using your booking reference. This allows re-selecting seat assignments or updating passenger data.

Just be aware that options become more limited closer to departure time. Any paid services like checked bags usually cannot be canceled or refunded after completing check-in.

So in summary, Cathay Pacific online check-in allows choosing seats, getting boarding passes, and streamlining the airport process in advance through their website or mobile app. As long as you have your reference number, checking in online is simple and fast. Following the step-by-step process outlined here will help ensure you do Cathay Pacific web or mobile check-in smoothly.

Don't forget to also check details later for any schedule changes, gate assignments, or add any special services as needed through Airways Manage Booking before your trip. A hassle-free check-in makes for a better start to your travels with Cathay Pacific Airways through Hong Kong and beyond. Enjoy your upcoming flight!

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