Agatsya Raje
Agatsya Raje
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Best Food Pairings With Croissants

When it comes to croissants, they are always delicious, whether you have them in sweet or savoury form, plain or filled. But there is something special about croissants, either filled or paired with your favourite food item. The art is to find the right combination. Firstly, croissants are the French version of what the Americans fondly call the crescent rolls. They are effortless to make at home. But ordering croissants online from an authentic bakery shop hits different.

Many croissants are available, from chocolate to almond to full-flavoured ones. With so many variations, it is no wonder that they have been made for centuries. But no matter the flavour, each are unique. Croissants are enjoyed for breakfast, snacks, and even as desserts. You could go the old-fashioned way and have them with butter and jam.

Why pair them?

Croissants are known for their buttery taste. Once they are baked, they also provide a slightly sweet taste. Pairing them with a sweet side dish like a fresh pineapple cake, vanilla ice cream, or iced gelato only adds to the flavour of your delicious pastry. Croissants are flaky on the outside and soft on the inside. You could also pair them with crunchy side dishes like sea salt crackers.

If you are more of a breakfast person, ditch these sweet and savoury items and pair your croissant with fresh fruits such as mandarins, grapes, or natural pineapple. Taking you directly to the streets of Paris, here are the best side dishes when you order croissants online next time:

Sea salt crackers

They are the ideal side dish to serve because they provide some crunchiness. They also act as dippers, like vegetables. You could follow a simple recipe at home or buy them from the store. Savoury and salty are a decent combination and are perfect during get-togethers as they work as a side dish. They also do not take away the taste of croissants.

Mixed fruits

This is another fantastic combination to order as they pair well. They are both sweet and give an acidic component that enhances the flavour. Keeping it simple is the key here. You could serve the fruits in a bowl or on a large plate for maintaining the display clean. If real fruits are not your thing, bring some fresh fruit cakes. Order pineapple cake or strawberry ones based on the bestseller of the season.

Vanilla gelato or ice cream

This is another excellent option as it boosts the flavours. Combining sweet, flaky pastry with gelato is the dessert all needs to make it a hearty meal. If you serve the croissants hot, make sure the ice cream is cold and does not melt too soon.

Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate and strawberry flavours are always preferred, and it only gets tastier when the fruit is covered with chocolate. Ensure you do not dip the entire strawberry in chocolate and only half of it as the whole berry becomes wet and soggy.