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What Is Z-Shaped Layout And When To Use It On A Website?

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Different layouts have different purposes in webpage design. However, for post-click landing pages, mostly Z-shaped layouts are recommended. Also, the pages that are loaded with a simple design and some primary keys use a Z-shaped layout.

Therefore, these web pages always use some organized and visual material in the form of a Z-shaped pattern to influence and draw the attention of viewers towards themselves. So, if you want to create your website with a z-shaped layout, it is recommended that you should hire a Professional Dubai Web Design Company.

Hence, before implementing the Z-shaped layout on your website, let us help you to know whether this pattern is suitable for your website or not. So, keep reading the article!

What Is The Z-Shaped Layout?

As the name suggests, the Z template design is similar to the letter Z, which means that the content has been carefully designed so that the user first looks at the top left corner of the page, and then at the top right corner of the horizontal line. The eye moves in a straight line diagonally to the lower-left corner, and again in another straight line in the lower right corner of the screen.

But, it does not mean that the whole content is formed like a big Z. This layout is mostly used for landing pages and storytelling.

How Is The Z-Shaped Layout Structured?

The hypothetical approach of a Z-shaped layout is pretty simple because it follows the typical alphabet Z shape. All information occupied in this route which the human eye wants to read – left to right, top to bottom, and then again left to right.

· First, people look from the top left to the top right where the main information lies, creating an illusory horizontal line.

· Second, they look down and towards the left side of the page, forming a visionary diagonal line.

· Last, they move towards the right path again, creating another horizontal line.

This way, when the observer’s eyes look in this pattern, it creates an imaginary “Z-shaped”:

When To Use- The Implication Of Z-Shaped Design In Webpages:

To create an organized and visual hierarchy for the viewers, post-click landing pages get help with Z-layout. But, this pattern is not suitable for all types of web pages, such as content-based pages, which contain heavy content. For these pages, the F-layout turns to be more appropriate due to its dense content. While the Z pattern is mostly followed by pages with minimal copy.

Things Keep In Mind While Designing The Z-Layout:

There are the following things you should keep in mind while designing your website by using the Z-shaped layout:

· The primary components of the page, such as brand name and logo for viewers to make aware of your brand are placed in the top horizontal line. The upper left corner is the most primary spot viewed by the observer.

· Then, the viewer will move towards the right, forming the first Z-angle. This spot also contains basic information about the advertisement. Therefore, viewers understand your whole approach and page.

· Moving from right top to bottom forms a diagonal line that should contain any graphics or notifications that will proceed towards your call-to-action. The bottom horizontal line should be prominent in the CTA.

· Design your next web page by following Z-layout to enhance your page potential and directly move them towards CTA.

The Final Thoughts:

Though a Z-shaped layout is perfect for many website designs, you can’t use it on all your website designs. This is why we have mentioned all the necessary information regarding the Z-shaped layout in this article. If you want to create a website with the help of a Z-shaped layout, you can easily do it! Nevertheless, for any queries and information in this regard, you can freely contact an experienced web design company,

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