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The 5 Best APIs For Mobile Application Development

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The people who are linked with developing mobile apps are familiar with API. The term API means Application Programming Interface, and it consists of few rules that can be included in the mobile application to get in touch with other applications.

New app developers may get puzzled while selecting the right API for their mobile applications. But, an experienced App Developer Dubai can assist you well in selecting the best API for your mobile app. Below in this article, we are going to discuss some of the greatest APIs that are widely used for mobile application development. So, keep reading the article and opt for the right one for you!

The 5 Best APIs For Mobile Application Development

Now, let us explain these five APIs in detail so that you can have some knowledge about them and select one easily among them. Let's have a look!

1. Firebase:

Firebase was first released in 2012. It is a new API, but it has become very popular among users in a short time.

It is quite popular among mobile application developers because of its time synchronization feature. This API is very useful for businesses in the following ways:

· It does not bring discontinuation in data gathering and analyzing.

· It also gives integral support so that the app developers can easily use the rest APIs.

2. Appcelerator:

It is a popular and effective API appropriate for both platforms that are Android and iOS. It is an API that can function well across cross-platforms and provides the opportunity for app developers to design an app on third-party servers.

This API also offers radical analysis to the users for developing a highly effective application. It is very handy to keep a check of various features on your mobile app, such as:

· All app updates

· User engagement

· App traffic

3. Weather App API:

The people who are engaged with the agriculture industry and the transportation field require to check the weather conditions on daily basis for their work. They have to keep a check on the weather situation frequently.

With the help of the Weather App API, you can find the trusted weather updates regularly. It provides information in various formats, such as:



· JSON format

This API also brings an opportunity to check the climate and weather conditions of two different locations at the same time.

4. Kinvey:

Kinvey was first developed for commerce and huge organizations. Later on, it becomes popular among app developers because of its amazing features and useful user services. It has some appealing features, which are as follows:

· App analytics

· Data storage

· File transfer

· Push notifications etc.

This API also provides personalized code flexibility for mobile app developers. If the users want to connect their mobile devices to the cloud, they can do it with the help of Kinvey. It is available in different modes that are; Individual, Entrepreneur, Business, and Endeavor.

5. Google Maps:

Google is considered one of the biggest search engines. It is providing outstanding customer service for many years. Hence, the Google Maps API provides the exact location and information of any specific place.

It is a cross-platform API and is very useful for web applications as well. This API helps you to find:

· The satellite image of any place

· Traffic situation

· Finding the route to any location

There are three versions of Google maps that are Google Maps DSK for iOS, the Google Maps API for Android, and JS API for the web version.

The Final Thoughts:

You get to know about some amazing APIs that you must use while creating a mobile app. You must recognize the capacity of your mobile app and then select the right type of API that seamlessly meets your business requirements. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you should consult a reliable mobile app developer ( if you have any confusion in the API selection.

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