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Avoid These 4 Web Design Mistakes To Reduce The Bounce Rate

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Web Design Mistakes

It just takes a few seconds for people to decide the future of your website because the initial 3 to 4 seconds are enough to make them stay or leave. This is what makes web design the most important and judgmental factor of a website.

If you don’t have an impressive and effective website design, it can lead you to face a heavy bounce rate that you have never imagined. There are some web design mistakes that can cause a high bounce rate and negatively affect your website. When the conversion rate of your website goes down and the bounce rate is up, it is a sign that you must revise or update the website design by avoiding or fixing such mistakes as soon as possible.

You can also contact an expert Web Designer Dubai to create an engaging web design. However, in this article, we are going to present some web design mistakes so that you can avoid them to reduce the bounce rate and generate a good conversion rate on your website.

Avoid These 4 Web Design Mistakes To Reduce The Bounce Rate:

Now, let us tell you about these mistakes in detail so that you can avoid or fix them carefully:

1. Weak CTA (Call To Action):

You attract visitors with an interesting call to action. Hence, if this factor lacks, you will possibly decrease the conversions of your website.

Therefore, your CTA must be appealing to draw the users’ attention and encourage them to take an action. When you put the amazing CTAs on your site, you would see a huge difference that helps you to reduce the bounce rate.

2. Overload Information:

Another mistake that you should avoid is the information that is written in long, big paragraphs with so many things just clustered upon each other making it harder to browse through. There are several technical contents given on the website, but they are summarized well enough to understand the main reason behind them.

Thus, you have to be very straightforward about your product details and website content. Because if you are not sure about what you are talking about, the users would not be satisfied with you and leave the website instantly.

3. Unorganized Presentation:

Website presentation plays an important role; the fonts, layouts, and content make the whole design presentable and attractive. This is why you should be presentable when you want to make your visitors stay longer. If you lack to present the perfect and organized design, you would probably face a high bounce rate.

To deal with this issue, you have to make the layout or first glance of a website attractive. Having a website with only black and white content can make it bland and unappetizing to see. Use vibrant color schemes on your website. Moreover, it should contain interesting headlines and header or eye-catchy subheadings that leave an organized impact on visitors’ minds.

4. Improper Functionality:

In this digital era, trends and information tend to change quickly, which also impacts the functionality of websites. Websites nowadays are not accessed by desktops but also browsed by mobile and tablets. So, the user interface (UI) of your site should also fit in those devices too and not have an abnormal or malfunctioning appearance to it. Otherwise, the users tend to jump on the other websites.

To improve your site’s functionality, your website should perform properly on every device and provide the perfect UI and UX to the users. It would help you to decrease the bounce rate, and people would love to stay on your website for a longer time.

To Conclude:

Mistakes are often made and it is done usually without knowing. However, you can learn from the mistakes to gain betterment. 90% of these mistakes can be avoided if you think about keeping the user's perspective in the mind.

Above we have pointed out the most ordinary or usual web design mistakes which can decrease your traffic and increase the bounce rate. So, you must have to avoid these mistakes to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate of your website to make it successful. Nevertheless, it is advised that you should hire a seasoned web designer ( to design a stunning and flawless website for you.

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