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An Alluring Statuesque Mansion Is Sky Mansion

Risland Holdings, a Hong Kong-based real estate corporation, is the company that came up with the idea for the Risland Sky Mansion Floor Plan. In addition to many other nations, Risland has successfully built projects in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and India. The organisation seeks to improve residential and commercial real estate operations, management, infrastructure, and people's lives through innovation and thorough design.

The magnificent 3 and 4 BHK apartments and penthouses of Skymansion by Risland Delhi, an urban development project, are situated in Chattarpur, South Delhi. People who value the environment, innovation, and aesthetics should visit Sky Mansion. The structure glows in the illumination of the heavenly bodies and appears stunning against Delhi's skyline.

Special Features of Sky Mansion Delhi

· 100 METERS LANDMARK on the Delhi’s skyline

A beautiful landmark in south Delhi is Sky Mansion. The structure has a perspective of the Aravalli and is just 100 metres tall.


Technology is incorporated into Sky Mansion's apartments and penthouses at every turn, making every moment a happy one.

· Only 2 Apartments per Floor

Sky Mansion Risland only offers 2 BHK Apartments Risland Sky Mansion, guaranteeing that each space has plenty of natural light, beautiful vistas, and a constant flow of fresh air.


The North-South orientation of the flats and penthouses was carefully planned to take into account the movement of the sun. While ensuring that light penetrates every crevice and corner, it does so in a way that prevents harsh rays from penetrating the double-glazed windows, which keeps the house cool.


A specified temperature has been maintained by providing adequate air ventilation and designing the space to minimise the impact of wind.


Forestry covers 45% of the area in South Delhi. There won't be a lack of fresh air in the Sky Mansion, which is situated in south Delhi and is also the largest farmhouse zone. Additionally, the house would have two centralised 120 cm fresh air systems with PM 2.5 filters installed, which would deliver clean, fresh air to the apartments via the air ducts.


Beautiful, five-fold, lush greenery surrounds Sky Mansion.

AMENITIES oF Sky Mansion Risland Chattarpur

· Beautifully designed SWIMMING POOL with the admirable landscape.

· FITNESS CENTER with exquisite facilities.

· Foot friendly RUNNING TRACK.

· PLAYGROUND for kids.

Sky Mansion, SOUTH DELHI

The South of Delhi, commonly known as the "Chattarpur High Rise" is the ideal location for Sky Mansion. Living in the house, surrounded by nature, is a beautiful decision. It is connected to all the major locations, and top-notch healthcare, education, and other amenities are nearby.


The renowned Hong Kong-based real estate developer Risland Holdings is the brainchild behind Sky Mansion. Risland has completed numerous projects in the United States, Australia, Thailand, India, and many other nations. The company aspires to alter both the residential and commercial real estate industries as well as people's daily lives.

South Delhi's Chattarpur neighbourhood is home to Sky Mansion Risland. There are penthouses and flats with 3 and 4 bedrooms in it. The structure glows in the illumination of the heavenly bodies and appears stunning against Delhi's skyline. It is a location for those with an eye for beauty.

Sky Mansion is well situated in south Delhi, close to the countryside and all the major attractions.

The 100-meter-tall Sky Mansion in Delhi is a landmark that was thoughtfully constructed to ensure that every room receives sunlight and is well-ventilated. Adroit organisations may provide you with the home of your dreams thanks to lovely fivefold landscaping, intelligent dwellings, fresh air systems, and first-rate facilities.