Abhilash Chalmela
Abhilash Chalmela
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What do General Insurance companies offer?

You have many goals like education, employment, marriage, family planning, retirement, etc., to achieve. These stages include different priorities and require protection as you grow older. Plan your finances according to your requirements, and do not exhaust your savings. They come in handy during a rainy day.

Under unfortunate events, a policy hedges individuals, dependents, and assets against financial losses. You pay some amount to the General Insurance company as a premium that offers coverage. In return, you get a fixed amount for the damages suffered. It covers non-life assets such as your home, vehicle, health, and travel from calamities such as floods, fire, theft, accidents, and human disasters.


General Insurance works on the risk occurring to many at once. Not everyone suffering from the risk face damages. The companies pay compensation from the pool of funds during the claim. It ensures you receive money at the right time based on the policy terms.


In today’s era, you need to protect almost everything by paying a small price. Insurers offer different plans to cover all your assets:

Health Insurance

They cover any unexpected hospitalization up to a specific assured sum. There is a range of suitings available based on your requirements. While standalone Health Policy should be your priority, buy Family Floater Plans to include your dependents, children, and spouse too. If you have any ailment that runs in your family, get it insured using a Critical Illness Plan.

Motor Insurance

Buying a vehicle involves money, emotions, and evaluation. Any vandalism, damage, theft, or accident gets covered by Motor Insurance. Customize it using selective add-ons to receive wholesome coverage. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory to hold Third-Party Plan.

Commercial Insurance

While you protect your family, do not forget your business. An unexpected loss causes a huge financial setback and leaves you debt-ridden. Avoid these scenarios by buying Tractor Insurance for your commercial vehicle from the provider.

Home Insurance

Another policy type offered by a General Insurance company protects your home and belongings. Whether you own a house or are in rented accommodation, Home Insurance covers all your needs. It protects your house against natural and human perils while providing financial security to you and your family.

Travel Insurance

Have you ever lost your baggage while traveling to a destination from home? These misfortunes happen often, and buying Travel Insurance is the only solution, especially for international travel. The cover ensures any financial loss due to lost baggage or emergency hospitalization when you are away from home. Domestic plans also offer similar coverage.


Buying an Insurance Policy from a reputed company online or offline is necessary for daily life. You get the required coverage and compensation for your losses. Read the terms and documents carefully before selecting the provider. Compare and shop around for plans for the best coverage and premium.