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Abhilash Chalmela
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Importance Of Getting an Individual Personal Accident Insurance

Lifeworks in unpredictable ways. You can never really assure anything. Hence, predicting an accident is not in your control. The busy Indian roads and abysmal condition of potholes add to the risk. They are the significant causes of death, injury, and property damage. As a driver, you should consider securing yourself financially from it. This not only helps handle the situation better but also eases emotional stress on your family.

You get the perfect solution for it with Individual Personal Accident Insurance. It offers complete protection against accident risks. Under the policy, you get compensated for injuries, temporary or permanent disability, death, etc. It is like a Medical Insurance cover, but the focus is to cover accidental repercussions. Here are aspects that emphasise its importance:

Lowers burden on family

This type of coverage holds the potential to change your life. It secures you against the most common uncertainty. One that impacts your financial and physical wellbeing. As your safety is directly linked to your family's welfare, the Accident Cover is a boon for them. They get freed from the burden of a loved one's loss or look after them during their disability.

Stress-free driving

The most significant benefit of getting the Plan is the peace of mind it provides. You can rest assured that you receive financial aid when faced with an accident. Hence, you should think of it as a complementary plan along with 4-Wheeler Insurance. This way, you get complete protection for yourself and your vehicle. As a result, you no longer stress about unexpected mishaps while driving.

Wide coverage

Every Insurance policy aims to provide maximum coverage. The same applies to the Individual Personal Accident Plan, as it covers many possibilities concerning an accident. Hence, you get coverage for hospitalisation expenses, ambulance, permanent/partial disability, accidental death, loss of income, child's education, etc. This takes care of every imaginable expense associated with the mishap.

Easy claim process

The most common concern for policyholders is the claim settlement. You need not worry about the same with the Individual Personal Accident Policy. Here, the claim process involves submitting the claim form with the necessary details and documents. The insurer reviews this, and the insured sum gets sanctioned. You get to complete the process either online or offline. In both cases, there is assistance if needed. These aspects make it easier to get prompt service.

Minimal paperwork

Contrary to popular misconception, getting Insurance is not a complicated process. If you have the required paperwork handy, the procedure gets completed quickly. This holds for Personal Accident Insurance. The General Insurance Companies in India have minimal documentation. Once you fill the application form, you need not stress over the paperwork. The standard requirement is fulfilling the KYC formalities.

These are some of the advantages of buying Personal Accident Insurance for getting financial help in risky situations.

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