Abhay Malhotra
Abhay Malhotra
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The Easiest Way to Open MBOX files in Chrome

You can read MBOX files correctly by opening them in the Google Chrome browser.

In my Thunderbird account, I have some MBOX files without any extension. These files are from the backup of my old Thunderbird account.

It is my intention to read the contents of these orphaned MBOX files. To reduce data complexity, I do not want to import them into Thunderbird. Therefore, I would like to open them in Chrome Web Browser.

By converting MBOX files to HTML, this problem can be resolved. But how do I do it without opening these files in an email client?

The instant solution is:

A direct way to do this is with BitVare MBOX Converter software. It is a standalone application that does not require you to open your MBOX file in any email client. It comes with a free trial that allows you to convert 25+ documents only.

Step-by-step guide to opening MBOX files in Chrome

Open MBOX files in Chrome browser is simple and easy. The software uses advanced algorithms to extract files. Another benefit is that it extracts attachments as well.

Step1. Download and start BitVare MBOX Converter tool.

Step2. Now upload or add “MBOX” files by using the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) options.

Step3. Double-click the select MBOX files to read or open your MBOX files using the different existing content view options.

Step4. Multiple Sub-Options and Filters are available, set them according to your need.

Step5. Click “Export” and select the “HTML” file format from the available file saving list.

Step6. Click “Save” to start the MBOX data conversion procedure.

After that, go to the saving file location to open or view your converted files. We assure you that MBOX Converter software perfectly convert and helps you to open MBOX files data to Chrome (HTML format) with no data loss or any risk of data alteration.

*Note – Free Trial mode is available, so download and test MBOX Converter free tool to test its working ability. Free version of the tool supports to convert 20+ files at a time. In add-on software is available for both Windows and Mac OS users.

Stay Tuned and Read about the Useful Features of the automated tool

  • Bulk Data Conversion – This program supports batch / multiple data conversion to save users valuable time and effort while converting large scale of data at once with no risk of any data loss.
  • Multiple File Saving Options – Software gives you the benefit to save or convert MBOX files to multiple file options rather than HTML format such as; PDF, EML, DOC, CSV, Gmail, IMAP, Office 365, Exchange Server and more.
  • Designed with Easy Interface – MBOX Converter software is perfectly designed with easy-to-understand interface to help Home or Professionals to complete the task of data (MBOX) opening or converting to another format in trouble free manner.
  • Multiple View Modes – Includes multiple file view modes such as; Content View, HEX View, RAW View and more. This MBOX viewer option helps users like; Email Forensic, Law & Enforcement, Govt. Officials and more
  • Retains All Details – All through the data conversion process software includes complete Meta tags, Attachments, Images, Signatures, Hyperlinks and other available data.

Final Words

This article is ideal for users who want to learn how to open MBOX files in Chrome. Users can open orphaned MBOX files as well as MBOX files without extensions in Google Chrome browser by using BitVare MBOX Converter application in quick and easy mode. Users can also open MBOX files in other Web browsers in addition to Chrome. Mobile users can also read MBOX files with this application.