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GC Precision Mould Co - The Only Choice for Those Looking For Injection Molds Made In China

For close to twenty years now, GC Precision Mould Co. has been the primary choice for everyone who requires injection mold China. This highly reputed China mold maker is also in the forefront for contract manufacturing for plating, painting, silk-screen, and assembly. All this while, it also ensures the strictest of quality checks on all the products that have been manufactured and assembled.

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GC Precision Mould Co also has the lowest price for all its products. Since it has everything needed for plastic molds right within their umbrella, they do not need to outsource the job unlike other companies. This plastic mold company also employs the latest cutting edge technology based machinery to manufacture the products to endure the topmost quality. Clients can be sure to save up to 40% for mold manufacturing and molding production services. So what are some of the things that GC Precision Mould Co does?

Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic mold technology is essentially the most useful way for the manufacturing of plastic parts. No matter the size, application, and difficulty of the merchandise, the molding can be executed with complete accuracy. We find that massive use of injection molded plastic parts in electronics like cell phone covers, computers, televisions etc. These are also used as medical equipment like syringe bodies, breathing apparatus and in the toy and defense industry.

Die Casting Molds

GC Precision Mould Co is used to make parts for automobiles. They manufacture a large range of die casting dies for many different industries. This includes castings like aluminum die casting, brass and zinc die castings. Their highly efficient die-cast design consultants show clients die casting part design, die casting prototypes, die-cast tooling and many other steps that meet their die casting requirements.

GC Precision Mould Co also provides other plastic molding services for home appliances, daily products, double injection molding, silicone molding parts etc. For more information, please visit