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Everything you should know about dry dog food

Should I give my dog dry or wet dog food? It is a common question amongst dog owners. If you are confused too, we have got you covered. In this article, we will read about the differences between dry and wet food.

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What is dry dog food?

Dry dog food is at the other end of the spectrum; compared to wet food, it only has 3-12% water. Often referred to as "dog biscuits" or "kibble," dry dog food is small, brown pellets that are often supplied in bigger bags or containers than wet food. It typically lasts much longer and is less dirty.

What is wet dog food?

Wet dog food is the messy stuff where the bits of meat that are frequently covered in sauce or jelly. It smells much stronger than dog dry food and is typically packaged in cans or little pouches. Since wet dog food is by definition wetter than dry dog food—it can contain up to 84% moisture—it must be consumed quickly after opening in order to maintain its flavor and freshness.

Benefits of dry food for dogs

Simple to control

Dry dog food is easy to sweep, pour, clean, and portion because it is pellet-quality and typically comes in sacks so you can quickly scoop the amount you want.

Greater durability

The shelf life of dry dog food is greater as compared to wet dog food. It can remain tasty for weeks on end. However, the sack or container needs to be sealed to maintain freshness.

More economical

Dog dry food is frequently viewed by dog owners. It is a cost-effective option because it is easy to dish out and lasts a long time.

Beneficial for losing weight

Dog biscuits are a better option than wet food if your dog is trying to shed some pounds. Once more, portion control has become easier, which is a major factor.

Benefits of wet dog food

More delicious

You would probably agree, if you were a dog, that food with nicer tastes and odors as well as different textures for the mouth would be preferred. It's true that your dog's palette will likely find wet food more interesting than dry food.

More easily chewed

Since soft, meaty chunks are far more convenient to gnaw on than solid pellets, wet food might be a better option if your dog has small or sensitive teeth. Furthermore, it can be simpler for people who have dental illness to take care of.

Keeps them full

Because high-moisture wet food is inherently more filling than dry food, your dog will be fuller and require fewer feedings.

It's high in protein.

More protein-rich meat is frequently included in wet diets, which is advantageous for dogs who are active and require a lot of protein to maintain their lean muscular mass.

Wrapping up

Both dry and wet foods are great for dogs. However, if you compare, dry dog food is a tad-bit better as it keeps a control on their weight and tastes delicious.

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