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TOP 3 app in Australia after Facebook and Instagram, which made more than 43,000 Germans rich

The highly qualified computer experts who previously worked at Google and Apple founded the trading start-up Bitcoin Revolution s. They caused quite a stir in the IT and finance world. With its unique trading algorithm, Bitcoin Revolution s can bring high profits to every user. Simply by automatically trading Bitcoin and crypto currencies. The user does not need any know-how or large investments.

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The app automatically earns you money using unique software - experts from Google and Apple developed it

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At the beginning, a user only needs to top up a credit of € 250 at Bitcoin Revolution to start the fully automated process. The algorithm developed by former Google programmers selects the optimal time to buy Bitcoin cheaply and then sell it again at a high profit. This increases the profit in a short time and all without risk.

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We were very impressed with the first test. € 49.71 in just under 5 minutes is a great achievement. We wanted to find out how much profit can be made in the long term. We left our balance on the trading account and continued to use Bitcoin Revolution to automatically generate profits.

After about 6 weeks we had an incredible profit of € 11,394.28 on ours 11,394.28 € profit on our Bitcoin Revolution account after 6 weeks - we only topped up € 250 at the very beginning

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The payment of € 11,000 worked within seconds without any problems

My results with

After 1 week: € 837.48
Spent about 5 minutes a day checking my results. After seven days, the account has already shown a profit of € 837.48. This is a 334% increase in my investment. I'm a real fan of the platform, so to speak.

After 2 weeks: € 2,838.38
Everything went much faster in the second week. Since I had already made profits and these in turn made new profits, my balance grew stronger and stronger. After 14 days I had an account balance of € 2,838.38.

After 3 weeks: € 5,659.48
Week three was also very stable and sometimes I only checked my account every two days just to check the results. Each time I was able to determine a higher profit - as reliable as a Swiss watch, Bitcoin Revolution continuously increased my profit. At that point, I had $ 5,659.48.

After 4 weeks: € 8,948.35
After four weeks, the profit was still growing and I started thinking about what to do with all the money - a remarkable € 8,948.35 at the time. I'm already talking about flights to Thailand or Japan.

After 5 weeks: € 10,063.21
Five weeks after starting the test with originally € 250, my profit had risen to over € 10,000 for the first time, namely to € 10,063.21. It has become common for me to see more money coming into my trading account every day.

After 6 weeks: € 11,394.28
For the entire test period, I earned € 11,394.28. My colleagues in the editorial office couldn't believe how this app could generate so much money in just 6 weeks with just € 250 first deposit.


But the app is not a magical platform. If you look at the individual trades, you can see that about 70-80% trades are won. The trick here is that the amounts of trades won are higher than those lost and the bottom line is that more trades are won than lost. And that's exactly the reason why this app was able to reliably earn up to a profit of € 11,394.28 in our test.

I spent an average of less than 30 minutes a day checking my profits and results. And already at the end of the test - I didn't even look into it because I could rely on the fact that the winnings would actually come in anyway.

Although I had no experience with cryptocurrencies or technology before, as a beginner I was able to achieve good and remarkable results immediately.

The Bitcoin Revolution business model How does Bitcoin Revolution work?

We asked ourselves: If Bitcoin Revolution can generate profits for its users so quickly, how does Bitcoin Revolution itself make its money? The answer is as simple as that Ingenious: Bitcoin Revolution retains 1% of the profit of each user. This means that Bitcoin Revolution only earns money if the users earn money and is therefore very keen to bring its users as many and high profits as possible.

Bitcoin Revolution is currently allowing our readers to test the platform for an initial deposit of just € 250. You can withdraw this amount at any time.

Given the current popularity of the trading platform, this initial minimum deposit may still go up!

It is important that you sign up for Bitcoin Revolution right away because we don't know how many places will still be available.

Get started in three easy steps:

  1. Register here and open a free account
  2. Pay in the minimum contribution of € 250
  3. Use Bitcoin Revolution to make money

Note: You can withdraw your winnings or your first deposit at any time simply click on "Withdraw"

Step 1: Sign up here and open a free account

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Step 2: Pay the minimum contribution of € 250

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Step 3: Use Bitcoin Revolution to make money

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Update: Important

Due to the constant media presence and the impressive successes, Bitcoin Revolution will only accept new users until the end of the year. From this point in time, no new users can register with Bitcoin Revolution . You should therefore register quickly so as not to miss your own opportunity.

Comment by the Bitcoin Revolution press service: "Please understand us and our current customers. Due to their numerous inquiries, we are forced to suspend the acceptance of new customers into the system. Free access will only be possible until the end of the year and the next Year the entry price will be significantly higher than 250 euros. "