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What is the Aurogra 100 Mg tablet?


Aurogra 100 mg is regarded to be one of the most appropriate generic drugs for ED treatment.

  • Erectile dysfunction has adverse effects on one’s sexual life. Depression, irritation in behavior leading to a divide between the partners.
  • The problem of ED infuses loss of self-esteem, confidence, and manhood among men. Especially in a country like India where masculinity is directly linked with an erect penis.
  • Order Aurogra 100 Mg from Powpills and keep your penis erect for more than 2 hours to enjoy memorable intercourse.

How does the drug Aurogra 100 Mg can furnish its work in the body?

  • Erectile dysfunction is basically not a disease but a disorder of body systems and reproductive organs caused due to changing lifestyles.
  • In Erectile dysfunction, blood vessels on the penis receive an inadequate supply of blood resulting in less or no erection.
  • Aurogra 100 Mg relaxes the vessels on the penis, which allows more blood to flow causing an erection that lasts long.
  • Once sexually aroused the sildenafil gets activated. This is an important point for all who are going to try this drug in near future.
  • The drug only works after you are already aroused. Without stimulation, no erection takes place.
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