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Shortened links

  • E-commerce:
    Product Links: Shorten product URLs for easier sharing across social media, email, and SMS marketing campaigns.
    Sales Tracking: Use different short URLs for various promotions to track which offers or channels are most effective.
  • Real Estate:
    Property Listings: Shortened links make it easy to share property listings in ads, emails, and social media posts.
    Campaign Analytics: Track clicks on different listings to understand which properties generate the most interest.
  • Education:
    Resource Distribution: Share shortened links to educational resources, assignments, or virtual classroom links.
    Engagement Metrics: Monitor which resources students access most frequently to inform teaching strategies.

URL shortener

  • Healthcare:
    Appointment Scheduling: Simplify the process of booking appointments by sharing short URLs in SMS reminders or email campaigns.
    Information Dissemination: Distribute health information, campaign details, or survey links through easy-to-share short URLs.
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